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Kamp-Rite Tent Cot Original Size Tent Cot (Green)
the Original Tent Cot, presented by Kamp-Rite, the leader in the cargo off-campground, is a novel in progress camping equipment. Self-contained Tent Cot puts you 11 "on insects, rodents and snakes. The bed tent, 84" long, 28 inches wide and 24 "high is extremely comfortable and roomy and supports up to 300 pounds. This model is now standard with a 3 / 8 "foam pad for comfort and insulation against the elements. The powder coated light weight aluminum frame will not rust or corrosion, even in bad weather. All our Tent Cots come standard with a heavy carrying case making it easy to handle and help protect it during transport and storage. The bed tent folds to a compact 32 "x 30" x 6 "and not weighs 18 pounds. All windows and door openings have "No-See-Um" mesh screens, allowing you to enjoy the fresh air of the night without the threat of mosquitoes. All openings, use of heavy Oversize # 10 nickel corrosion resistant sliding zippers. They are easy to open and close and are color coded, yellow mesh points inside the tent and black mesh pulls on the external aspects. All our cots tent also converted into a flat bed or a couch. The Birthplace of the tent is a patented product. Explore our optional accessories.

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Swiss Gear Cheval Sport Dome Tent (Orange/Grey)

Swiss Gear Cheval Sport tent can pack up and go with you at short notice. This tent sport can accommodate up to 3 people comfortably with a surface 49 'square area. Features signature begin with a pocket to store shoes for muddy shoes, E-port for convenient access to electrical cords, sewn in security lock if you lose the keys, interior rings remain flashlight or valuables secured and a Duffel Carry converts storage delivered during the camp-out. Assistance Customer Care Customer Care at 1-800-325-TENT (8368), or www.wenzelco.com

Teton Sports Fox 75+10L Internal Frame Backpack

Product Features
  • Rugged internal frame backpack with a capacity of 5,187 cubic inches or 85 liters
  • Dual aluminum stays with contoured shoulder, lumbar, and hip pads
  • Height-adjustable shoulder straps accommodate a wide range of torso lengths
  • Top-loading main compartment, sleeping bag compartment, and two hideaway side pockets
  • Attached rainfly; compatible with most hydration systems; weighs 5.5 pounds empty

Product Description

The Teton Fox 75 +10 L internal frame backpack is ideal for serious hikers. Comfort-wise, the Fox is equipped with dual aluminum stays that adjust to the shape of your back, with contoured shoulder, lumbar and hip pads. In addition, the height of the shoulder harness is adjustable, helping the pack accommodate a wide variety of torso lengths. The result is a comfortable, ergonomic pack that will not put undue stress on your back and shoulders, even after a full day of hiking.

Inside, the 5187-cubic-inch pack holds all your gear in its top-loading main compartment, expandable front section, and unique sleeping bag compartment. Meanwhile, hikers looking for an easy place to access their first aid kits and mini flashlights will delight in the pair of side pockets Hideaway. The design concludes with an attached rain fly that keeps your gear dry and is compatible with hydration systems sold separately.

An attached rain fly will keep your gear dry in unexpected wet weather.

Wenzel Timber Ridge Sport 9-by-7-Foot Four-Person Dome Tent

Product Features
  • 4-person dome tent ideal for long hikes and extended cycling excursions
  • Dutch D-style door for easy entry; weather-resistant polyester fabric
  • 2 windows and mesh roof vents help you control ventilation
  • Shock-corded fiberglass frame with pole pockets for easy setup
  • Base measures 9 by 7 feet; stands 52 inches tall; 10-year warranty

Product Description

Stay agile support for long hikes and extended cycling excursions with the Wenzel Timber Creek Sport dome tent. Big enough to sleep four people at once yet compact enough to fit conveniently on a backpack or saddle bags, the tent is ideal for all types of camping and conditions. The Timber Creek Sport includes such features as a Dutch D-style door for easy entry, with a shock chassis fiberglass cord with pole pockets, which sets up and disassembles quickly. Campers will also enjoy the polyester fabric armor and difficult side seams, which are robust and reliably withstand leaks of all kinds. The window and roof vents, meanwhile, do a job Nice ventilation of the tent and humidity control in the morning.

Additional details include water-repellent threads, zippers and straps and a sonic-sealed floor that is welded (not sewn) to eliminate stitch and needle holes, and a removable fly for weather conditions wet. The Timber Creek Sport carries a warranty of 10 years limited.

Building the fire [2]

  • The traditional Finnish rakovalkea (literally "slit bonfire") is produced by placing a long piece of firewood on top of another, parallel and reinforcing in place with four sturdy posts driven into the ground. (Traditionally, all logs are not used for splitting firewood.) Turn and tinder are placed between the logs in sufficient quantity (while avoiding the extremes), to increase the upper register and allow ventilation. The lighter is always at the center of strengthening the positions do not burn prematurely. rakovalkea the two outstanding characteristics. First, it burns slowly but surely, when lit, it does not require arduous maintenance, but burns for a very long time. rakovalkea A well-constructed of two sections of a thickness of two meters in length can warm two canopy shelter of a change of sleeping together. The construction causes the logs themselves for protection against wind, fire. Thus, exposure to smoke is unlikely for the sleepers, but there is always someone who looks an emergency. Secondly, it can be easily reduced to a size larger (for a party), limited only by the length of available records.

  • A fire-hole is made in a keyhole-shaped ring of fire, and is used in cooking. The larger area is used to light the fire to make charcoal. The coal is growing, are scraped into the rectangular area used for cooking.

  • A top "light" the fire is built like a log cabin or pyre, but instead of turning on the bait and being placed within the cabin, is located in a teepee on top. The tepee is illuminated by small top, and coal may fall into the wooden hut. These fires are often built by young pool for "council fire" or ceremonial fires. They burn very predictably, and with little 'practice of a manufacturer can assess how long it will last. They also do not throw away a lot of heat, which is not necessary for a fire ceremony. The fire burns down, the layer of coal combustion and heels ignighting the next layer down.

Building the fire [1]

After finding a suitable location and collections of materials, fires manufacturer has a variety of models to choose from. Good design is very important in the early stages of a fire. Most of them make no mention of fuelwood - in most projects, firewood has never focused until the wood burns strong.
  • The fire-build requires some kind 'of patience to build. First, the lighter is squeezed into a compact mass. Minor power is organized around it, like the poles of a tepee. For added strength, it may be possible to lash some sticks together. A tripod lashing is quite difficult to execute with small sticks, so a clove hitch should suffice. (Synthetic rope should be avoided because it produces pollutants when it burns.) Then, the ignition is more disposed above the small power, taking care not to compress types. A distinct types as a shell around the first of May to work better. Fire types are excellent for producing heat to keep warm. However, one disadvantage of a fire types is the fact that when it burns, newspapers can become unstable and fall. This situation is particularly worrying if you have a bonfire.

  • A fire starts with a thin build same bait pile, as fire-build types. Then a long piece of thick switch is driven into the ground in a corner so that it overhangs the pile bait. Small pieces of light leaned against the big stick so that the bait is enclosed between them. More>>>

fire camping [2]

Finding a site, and other safety measures

Ideally, in a fire ring[citation needed]. If a fire ring is not available, a temporary fire site may be constructed. One way is to cover the ground with sand, or other soil mostly free of flammable organic material, to a depth of a few inches. Fire rings, however, do not fully protect material on the ground from catching fire. Flying embers are still a threat, and the fire ring may become hot enough to ignite material in contact with it. Generally, one must simply stand away from the ring to prevent injury. No fire should be lit close to trees, tents or other fire hazards. This includes overhanging branches; some carry dead, dry material that can ignite from a single airborne ember. In addition, a fire may harm any roots under it, even if they are protected by a thin layer of soil. Conifers run a greater risk of root damage, because they lack taproots and their roots run close to the surface. Fires also should not be lit on bare rocks. The ash will leave a black stain that cannot be easily removed, but the fire's heat can lead to more dramatic consequences. It will cause the outer layer of the rock to expand, possibly causing it to crack. It may also boil pockets of water contained in the rock. An additional safety measure is to have sand and water on hand to smother and douse the fire if it does get out of the fire pit. It is wise to gather these materials before they are actually needed.

fire camping [1]

The dangers

A May campfire burning out of control in two ways: on the ground or in trees. Dead leaves or pine needles on the ground in May ignite from direct contact with wood heating, or thermal radiation. Alternatively, the embers in the air (or their parents smaller sparks) May ignite dead material in industries. The latter threat is less likely, but a fire in a branch will be virtually impossible to extinguish fire without equipment, in May and spread more quickly than a ground fire. Thus, many campgrounds include fire rings to prevent that happening.

Embers May simply drop the ball and be carried away by air, or they may be ejected at high speed by exploding pockets of sap. With these dangers in mind, some places prohibit all open burning, especially during periods of the year that are vulnerable to forest fires.

Campfires are prohibited in many public camping. The public spaces with large expanses of forest have generally signs indicating the level of fire danger, which usually depends on recent rainfall and the amount of stun or dry debris and when the danger is highest, all the lights open are prohibited. Even in safer times, it is common to require registration and permits to build a campfire. These areas are often kept under observation by the Rangers, who will send someone to investigate any unidentified plume of smoke.

Camping Basics About Bedding

Sleeping on the bare earth, not conducive to a good night sleep. To address this problem there are sleeping pills. Made primarily for backpackers, are compact, lightweight and durable. But if you turn over in sleep, you may find yourself sliding the pad during the night.

Sleeping pads are just a way to provide some level of comfort between you and the hard ground, but there are other alternatives. I remember those buffers exercise in the gym in high-school phys-class and coach? Or have you seen the eggshell-shaped foam pads? One of these works and ball bag.

If you happen to take your camping truck, there are several options available. My wife and I have a Dodge RAM with a stopper on it. At least once a year, we use this as our house camping. We have a Camper Top campmor tent that attaches to the open door of the CAP, while giving us a truck / curtain effect. For our sleeping pad we use an old futon mattress that fits right in the truck bed and is very comfortable for sleeping.

Another solution for those weekend getaways in the truck is to get one of those truck bed tents like the Sportz Truck Tent by Napier, who is also a floor. Of my friends have one of these and can set up about 10 minutes. They compliment their truck / tent setup with a futon too.

Other friends with us on the field of Ocracoke in the month of September have homemade bed frame and puts the pieces together on top of their van, along with an inflatable air mattress. They have a large dome tent to host this queen-size bed, who boast of being more comfortable than their bed at home.

Today there are many different ways to camp, as there are campers. Camping becomes a personal thing. While it could be outside the confines of your bedroom warm cozy home, you still want to get as good a night's sleep.

camping mountain.

A short drive west of Denver on Interstate 70, Clear Creek County is home to four of Colorado "14ers" (peaks over 14,000 feet) and two historic trails, with spectacular views and outdoor recreation. The 28-Mt miles. Evans scenic and historic Byway is the nation's highest paved road. It begins in Idaho Springs and ridges to mt. Summit Evans', access routes to different lakes. The Forest Service also maintains three picnic areas and a campground along the shortcut. Visit the Heritage Museum and Visitors Center, 2060 Miner St. Idaho Springs.

Guanella Pass scenic and Historic Byway is 23 miles the paved path and gravel in Pike and Arapaho National Forest that connects the historic silver-mining town of Grant and Georgetown. Hikers and mountain bikers can make excursions in the nearby mining camps and explore mt. Evans Wilderness Area and Geneva basin through off-piste skiing from the summit of Guanella Pass. Accesses byway five campsites and two picnic areas managed by the U.S. Forest Service. For n Colorado Rocky Mountain National Park, the time the last two weeks of September and the first week of October are the first for both elk bugling and the Golden aspen tremble. Keep this guide handy mountain to find some spots beautiful trips in the autumn, fishing, camping, climbing or wildlife-watching.

Coleman Hooligan 2 customer review [2]

I recently returned from the Great smoky Mountains. National Park and my brother and I used this tent for 4-day backpacking. Is open to 4 days of rain forests and air tent didn't leak this place. There are some many downpours. night with me nervous about the money I saved to buy a tent was. camp held more. like my own tent is sealed prior to travel. As it was mentioned in the chapter. other reviews, you should prob. on investment stakes in tent stakes is not good freestanding better. people come to it is cheap metal kind with the smallest tents. I agree that very little weight, but for backpacking. the two of you expect more Tech more.

Coleman Hooligan 2 customer review

I purchase this tent and used it the next day. The good: Lots of interior space, enough for 2 adults and 2 backpacks. I was also able to mount a coleman queen size inflatable mattress inside (at home to test it) with room to spare. Very easy to configure, I read the instructions and timed myself, it took me 10 minutes. Screen mesh all around was very comfortable, even with the summer heat Texas. It comes with a warranty of 5 years. The bad: At 6 pounds is a bit 'on the heavy side for backpackers from only the most (I personally do not mind the weight-for-all rooms). The tent is up is not free, be sure to get good stakes for hard ground and rocky. It has been raining, when I used it, so I can not comment on how it is waterproof, but I always kept the stitching on all my curtains just purchased.

Coleman Hooligan 2 Backpacking Tent

Coleman Hooligan 2 Backpacking Tent is a practical, small tent, ideal for weekend camping adventures. And eight feet by six of measurement, this tent can accommodate two people in complete comfort. Coleman exclusive Weather-Tec system is guaranteed to keep your body dry and includes: a waterproof floor, leak free and protected seams, weather resistant fabric, a drawing strong structure, and the surveillance system hinge. With 56 cm of vertical space in the center there is plenty of room to move.

Characterized by a pole design for easy setup, the Hooligan 2 comes with a rainfly that covers the tent for full protection from the elements. A curtain of mesh for ventilation inside allows large and insect control, while a dry entry vestibule is ideal for storing tools. Internal gear pockets provide easy access to important elements, and separate storage bags for tent, poles, stakes and will keep you well-organized.

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